The Property Guru Update

Its been a while since my last update – mainly because I have been absolutely flat out selling heaps of property – in particular in the NRAS scheme. I see that investors have finally worked out the benefits of the NRAS and are rushing in to secure their cash flow positive investment.

If you are yet to hear about the NRAS ( National Rental Affordability Scheme ) give me a call, and I’ll be happy to tell you how it works. If you are looking to buy an investment property, be quick, as stock levels are very low.

I’ve spent a bit of time in central Queensland over the past 3 months setting up a team to sell property in the NRAS scheme. I must admit I’m fast becoming a fan of the investment opportunities available – especially in central QLD around the Bowan & Surat Basins. In my opinion it’s a bit late for investment in Gladstone but surrounding areas like Mackay, Rockhampton and Bundaberg are prime for the picking. Add NRAS with tax free govt incentives and you are on a winner. See below for some of the opportunities we have found or call me for more info.

A number of calls have come in recently, mainly from developers, asking if I can help them sell their properties and/or work out why they aren’t selling. Upon further investigation I found that there are a heap of developments, and property, that are listed on the internet multiple times – sometimes in the hundreds. I then started looking at the internet more closely and realised this is a common occurrence.

For example blocks of land. Many real estate agents will list every block in the estate separately creating up to 100 listings Then the building reps will take 5 lots each and put their packages in the land for sale, new homes and houses for sale sections.  Times that by 16 building companies – further increasing the amount of listings on the internet, and then on multiple websites. In many cases I have counted over 200 listings for a small number of blocks.

When speaking to buyers they are constantly complaining that the internet is becoming very confusing and it takes hours to trawl through properties to find what they are looking for. Personally, I have to agree with them.

Taking this approach only makes it much harder to sell your property.  It doesn’t help when the media have a field day with “record High number of listings” amongst the other garbage they print and disseminate.

Interest rates – are you as sick as I am of hearing about imminent rises. Seems the general public are too. I find that the weekend prior to the RBA meeting is dead on the home open front, and then after their meeting – the following 2 weekends, we are inundated with home open attendees and investor inquiries.

The RBA even had the nerve to come out a couple of weeks ago and say the public are dragging the economy down with their GFC mindset. Nice work guys!!

I’m constantly hearing about how it’s a buyers market from buyers who are peeling out their cash and paying above asking price for property. I’ve had more cash offers in the last 3 months than the entire 8 years prior of being in real estate.

I’m also impressed to see that heaps of people are learning about the benefits of leveraging their superannuation and using property warrants to borrow for property in their super funds. We have an expert in our office along with helpful support people to facilitate your transition into this area.

All in all the real estate market future is still looking bright – if you’re buying, there is great choice and some really good buying – if you’re selling, it’s critical to get your property priced perfectly. So what ever your current needs are, I’m always happy to help.
his. Unlike other agents once we have secured your business our work actually begins.