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Marketing is an important and critical factor when selling your property. In today’s market, placing and add on and reiwa then waiting to take orders just isn’t enough.
Our team of experts will create a customised marketing and sales plan to suit your property whilst always taking into consideration the vendor’s position.
Many of our marketing strategies, idea’s and initiatives have been very successful and better still, have allowed us to constantly achieve excellent results and clearance rates.
Following are the marketing initiatives we use when selling your property.

– We are registered members of REIWA and as members utilise all of the benefits extended to us and we also subscribe to These 2 websites are paramount for marketing property in WA however its critical to get the advertising right.

EMAIL MARKETING – we currently have a massive email database comprising of over 50,000 recipients who we regularly email with our available product, specials, updates and new releases.
Our total database is emailed every month with a well read and popular newsletter called the -  Property Guru Priority Update. See attachment 2. Now in its 8th year this newsletter gives a brief commentary of the current property market and is filled with all kinds of property bargains and opportunities.

BUILDING COMPANY JOINT VENTURE MARKETING – we have close relationships with many building companies who are willing to undertake large and expensive marketing campaigns in order to sell their brand and your development.
We regularily partner up with building companies and utilise the many and varied marketing tools that they have such as

  • In style magazine that goes to every household in the metro area
  • Internet/Website campaigns
  • Onsite signage
  • Street appeal Elevations
  • Promotional pricing

TRADE & PUBLIC SHOWS/CONFERENCES – we attend at least 1 show per month and recently as many a 1 per week. Some of these include

  • GME – The Goldfields Mining Expo in Kalgoorlie
  • The Ideal Home Show
  • Woolarama in Wagin
  • The Property Investors show
  • WAMEX – Mining Expo
  • WAPPA – West Australian Primary Principals Association annual conference
  • World Sporting Expo

We gather information from delegates and attendees then have our telemarketer call them to find out what their property needs are.

DIRECT MARKETING – we have a full time telemarketer on staffs who is constantly calling leads generated from trade and public shows or conferences, internet and website leads and leads from any other marketing initiatives we undertake.
Along with having an in depth knowledge of property and the products we sell our telemarketer is trained to financially qualify any leads. One of sales people is then sent out to meet with them with the view to sell them a property.
Our telemarketer is also able to contact parts of our database, surrounding areas or direct marketing to the desired demographic of your development or property.

HOUSE & LAND PACKAGES – If required we have the capacity to create house and land packages on your development to help sell them. Perth Building Solutions is our building company and we are able to create packages that suit the area and your lots.
We except that many of your buyers will want individually designed houses as opposed to standard plans that most building companies sell. We are able to cater for both and we can also advise potential clients of the types of houses that can be built on your lots. This can give them the extra confidence require to purchase a lot in your estate.

SEMINARS – We also run monthly seminars on various property topics and are constantly up to date with anything and everything property related.

We are also able to run seminars tailored around your property or development.

OTHER MARKETING INITIATIVES - We will find any way possible to get your property or development sold.
For example we realised that we would be able to help our clients to sell their stock with the  NRAS ( National Rental Affordability Scheme ).

We are now major players in NRAS market and we currently have the No.1 website for NRAS and the largest range of stock Australia wide.

With the scheme we have been very successful in achieving full clearance with hard to sell stock for our clients.
The NRAS may not be  suitable for your development or property, however this does demonstrate our ability to be pro active and creative when it comes to selling property.

Our marketing plans and initiatives work and they work fast.  We don’t sit around and wait for orders to come in and hope your development or property sells. ur company is extremely flexible and can easily adapt to what ever is required in order to solve your property problems.
If there is any alternate ways to clear your stock we will find and implement them.

Marketing can only work when a campaign is both targeted and varied. This is what we provide through all levels of our structure.