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Perth Property Solutions, was formed in June 2010 by Mitch Garbutt and Rob Caruso, finally a Real  Estate agent you can trust with quality service. The team at Perth Property Solutions are devoted to finding new methods of selling property and have an extraordinarily creative approach to this. Unlike other agents once we have secured your business our work actually begins.


Mitch Garbutt – Licensee
Mitch Garbutt is an experienced property investor and developer with a penchant for a goatee and a night of Bridge.  His clever mind never ceases ticking over, pondering the opportunities presenting themselves in the Perth property market.  His ceaseless quest for providing premium deals for his clients sees him sleepless and fashionless in his penthouse overlooking the Swan, but content he is doing good in the world.

Rob Caruso  -  Property Guru

Rob Caruso has been called a ‘sales strategist’, ‘creative negotiator’ and ‘master deal maker’.   When the Indian cricket team came to him for investment advice they called him The Property Guru.  Now the name has stuck and Rob’s reputation as the go to man for real estate sales has been cemented in the consciousness of the nation.
Rob spent 4 years with the Raine & Horne group and had to leave to enable some of the others the chance to win an award. Following is a list of some of the awards Rob won whilst with the group.
During his time with Raine & Horne Rob won the following awards:

  • Top Selling Principal – 2006
  • Top Selling Principal – 2007
  • No. 1 Selling Agency RH Australia – 2006 & 2007
  • No.1 Listing Agency RH Australia – 2006 & 2007
  • Top Listing Agent – 2006 & 2007
  • Best Business Growth – 2006 – 2007
  • Member of the RH Multi Millionaire Chapter
  • Numerous Top 10 Agents awards