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Perth Property Solutions, was formed in June 2010 to create a Real  Estate agency you can trust with quality service. The team at Perth Property Solutions are devoted to finding new methods of selling property and have an extraordinarily creative approach to this. Unlike other agents once we have secured your business our work actually begins.


Mitch Garbutt – Licensee

Mitch Garbutt is an experienced property investor and developer with a penchant for a goatee and a night of Bridge.  His clever mind never ceases ticking over, pondering the opportunities presenting themselves in the Perth property market.  His ceaseless quest for providing premium deals for his clients sees him sleepless and fashionless in his penthouse overlooking the Swan, but content he is doing good in the world.

Courtney Flanagan – Business Manager

Courtney Flanagan is the glue to Perth Property Solutions office. Utilizing her many tertiary degrees and certificates she overseas all administration, project management and sales contracts. With her gung- ho, Canadian can-do attitude , we have an highly efficient, highly organised business nerve center.

The Sales Team

Alina Iliescu  - 0449707713

Kieth Daddow – 0428566344

Lindsay Ward – 0418944168

Henry William – 0421210001

Frank Genovese – 0410283211

The Property Management Team

Teresa Terito – Accounts Manager

Rose Scott – Senior Property Manager

Marlee Shannon – Senior Property Manager

Daryl Hartman – Assistant Property Manager